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Wall cladding W11


Interior Wall Cladding

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Simple interior wall cladding is making a comeback, giving rooms a style and texture boost, plus a dose of rugged charm. Here’s how to choose and use them

he amount of moisture that penetrates will depend on the design of the cladding, an open-jointed system obviously allowing more moisture penetration than, for instance, a tongued and grooved design.
This will reduce any natural tendency of the wood to distort due to any variation of the moisture content on opposite faces.

Wall cladding W1-  Feature

        • Durability
        • Easy to clean
        • looking great
        • Ready to assemble with tools and hardware
        • Laminate or painting  finish
        • All accessories as specifications


So Wall cladding W11

Sample panels



However These panels are designed to be attached directly to the wall structure, without the use of a continuous substrate so the panels must withstand all forces and transfer those forces to the structure.

Also the panel dimensions and thicknesses, z-clip and structure designs must be reviewed by a structural engineer to ensure that all codes and structural requirements are satisfied.

Wall cladding systems available all veneer color and textures is almost widely used, and within the veneer systems, brick veneer is by far the most popular system. also Its popularity lies in its durability, fire resistance, and aesthetic appeal.


So the Cladding will always be subject to some penetration of moisture, a separate protective membrane will be necessary behind the Cladding largely protected from wind, rain and daylight by the Cladding itself. If there is a masonry wall behind the Cladding, a separate membrane is not usually necessary.

Wall cladding W11-  Feature

        • Durability
        • Easy to clean
        • looking great
        • Ready to assemble with tools and hardware
        • Laminate or painting  finish
        • All accessories as specifications
Style: Modern,
Material: Metal accessories , MDF & wood

MDF high quality with PVC.

Folded: Unfolded
Type: Modern Doors
Size as required
Surface: laminate
Indoor Wall Cladding
Product Name:
Interior Decorative Wall Paneling Embossed Carved MDF
Hot Design or Customize design

Other Features:

Domestic & Commercial Use


while the wood walls have a long history. Also the boards and shingles that skinned over a house’s skeleton often formed the interior surfaces as well. as Planks made up the partition walls. Later, vertical boards were nailed to studs, often with a decorative bead or chambered V along their edges. So the Walls that were not plastered were often paneled.

While the wealthy had fancy woodwork, also most homes featured flat-backed cladding similar to those used on the exterior

Simple, practical, and attractive, such wall cladding are back in demand once more. Hotels and office also homes centers are offering products that ease installation, and designers are specifying them everywhere from formal manses to industrial spaces to simple cottage interiors.

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